Binary Options Ghana

Thank you for visiting BinaryOptionsGhana.com. There are many ways that traders and investors can make money online these days. One of the easiest ways to make some substantial financial gains is by successfully trading Binary Options online.

If you are a Ghanaian trader who is new to Binary Options, you will find the answer to any questions you have right here. Let us begin with a brief overview about Binary Options.

Ghana Binary Options Trading

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options are a way for traders to make money on the volatility of share prices. The movement in the values of virtually any asset, (including stocks, indices, currencies and commodities), can be used to trade Binary Options, without you ever purchasing the asset, as these are options contracts (or agreements between a trader and a broker).

Placing a Binary Option trade, is as easy as:

  1. Predict if the value of their chosen asset will Rise or Fall from the point of making the trade.
  2. Select an investment amount ranging from as little as $5 to as much as $50,000 with some Brokers.
  3. Select an expiry time for your contract. Some brokers offer expiries from as short as 30 second to a week.
  4. Click “Buy“.

When you make your trade, you will be presented with a percentage which indicates the profit a winning trade will generate. For Example: if you made a successful trade of $100 with a payout percentage of 80%, this would mean your initial investment amount of $100 is returned to you. You would also make a profit of $80 on top of this, (80% of the invested amount).